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Your view of the world is incomplete

Evolution was discovered a mere 160 years ago, and it completely altered humanity's understanding of its own existence. What theories are yet to be developed? What truths are still waiting to be unearthed?

Bringing these mysteries to light is what drives the Unknown 9 universe—a vast and dynamic Storyworld centered around the quest to uncover humanity’s true potential. This journey brings together like-minded seekers who refuse to accept the limits of today’s dogmatic views and who choose to believe in the unknown.

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Book one of a thrilling trilogy, Genesis catapults Andie, a young astrophysicist, into a global race for a reality-bending device. As she evades a dangerous organization determined to seize the technology, Andie finds herself embroiled in a mystery that could unravel the very fabric of the universe.


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Quaestor • noun - quaes·tor | \ ˈkwe-stər. Ancient Roman Quaestors were investigators and auditors. Modern-day Quaestors follow in their footsteps as they seek the hidden knowledge that surrounds us.

Those who are up to the task of uncovering the truth are invited on a journey that blurs the boundaries of reality. Subscribing is the first step in this thrilling journey, as Quaestors are insiders with early access to the secrets of the Unknown 9 universe. The first glimpse will arrive this Friday the 13th, an unlucky day for some, but the beginning of something truly remarkable for others.

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